Holistisk pedagogikk

Holistisk pedagogikk

torsdag 26. oktober 2017

Vurdering ved en holistisk skole

Hvordan vil vurdering ved en holistisk skole arte seg?
Sitatet under er tatt fra Equinox Holistic Alternative Schools Teacher Handbook. 

Authentic Assessment
Students and teachers co-create the learning goals and success criteria for project assessments. Participating in the development and articulating their own learning goals ensures a meaningful experience for students. Thoughtful self-assessment occurs as students participate in the development of their own collection of evidence to demonstrate learning.

Holistic integrated inquiry and projects offer assessment opportunities in several subject areas and at various stages of learning, from reading for meaning, collaborating with group members, developing individual goals, oral expression, writing with, gathering information analyzing, and finally creating and communicating a final product. With the guide of ongoing descriptive feedback, students reflect and devise their next steps in rich contexts, with real life connections.